Bill was a fantastic partner to us over our several year journey of hunting for a ranch. Our desires and priorities in a ranch shifted several times and he patiently listened to understand, asked more questions, and gave us options. He was committed to find the piece of property that was right for us.

Bill’s background and knowledge were very helpful to us in our process. He was able to point out Pro’s and Con’s to issues we hadn’t even considered. Through our time together, he educated us about many facets of mountain land ownership that we simply hadn’t experienced yet. This interaction not only built up our trust, but also helped us refine what was important and not so important to us in our search. Always accommodating yet not afraid to offer his opinion, Bill consistently had our best interests in mind.

Two years ago we met Bill with, “Hi, we’re interested in buying a ranch.” He was above and beyond thorough with all aspects of the process that ultimately led to our purchase, yet hasn’t ended with the closing on the property. We are now at, “Hi Bill, let’s go snowmobiling on our new ranch.”

Two thumbs up and highly recommend him for any real estate work!