The experience acquiring the B I Bar Ranch and subsequently selling the ranch has been a wonderful pastime in ranch ownership. A big part of the comfort we had in purchasing the B I Bar and the plans we had in place to improve and develop it would not have been the success that it was without working with Bill after the purchase was consummated.

Bill didn’t move on after you sold us the ranch, but became an advisor, confidant, and more importantly, a friend. Ellen and I had the utmost confidence in the guidance Bill gave as new ranch owners.

As we decided that the development plan became unworkable after the first year we then sought to sell The B I Bar and start thinking about a new plan for future ranch ownership. Even as we listed the ranch with Colorado Ranch Company, we still worked together to continue with some minor improvements including the idea to construct a yurt overlooking the valley and Mount Whitely; just in case we changed our mind.

Then, when the time came to sell, Bill worked closely with us to ensure a smooth closing and transition to the new owner. The closing was scheduled for under 30 days. And it closed on the originally scheduled closing date — a perfectly smooth process.

This has been a truly wonderful experience and we look forward to our continued friendship both personally and professionally.