Wolford Reservoir Ranch

26± Acres
$ 1,350,000

The Wolford Reservoir Ranch is an extremely rare opportunity to own a very nice 5-bedroom 3 bathroom home on Wolford Reservoir, 10 minutes from the town of Kremmling. There is access to the reservoir from the property for boating, water skiing, fishing, ice fishing and snowmobiling. The home is just under 4000 square feet and has picturesque views of the reservoir, Wolford Mountain, and the Gore Range.

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  • 9.10.19-Kremmling-Ranch-6107

  • 9.10.19-Kremmling-Ranch-6109

  • 9.10.19-Kremmling-Ranch-6111

  • 9.10.19-Kremmling-Ranch-6114

  • 9.10.19-Kremmling-Ranch-6117

  • 9.10.19-Kremmling-Ranch-6119

Kremmling, CO

Wolford Reservoir Ranch is located just outside the town of Kremmling, Colorado, which is about 45 minutes from Silverthorne, Grand Lake & Winter Park, Colorado. The ranch is also only about 1 hour from Vail and Steamboat Springs, Colorado and 2 hours from Denver, Colorado.

“Buy land, they're not making it anymore.” — Mark Twain
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